The Revelation of Jesus Christ – How to Make Sense

The Revelation of Jesus Christ – How to Make Sense sermon series audio notes. Basically, are you looking for a revelation of The Revelation? Indeed, this might work for you. Specifically, this is a 27-session class taught by Pastor Young. Without a doubt, it is an eye-opener and a challenge to traditional theology. So, what was or is the Revelation of Jesus Christ?

The Revelation of Jesus Christ – How to Make Sense sermon series audio notes

By Pastor Delbert Young

The Revelation of Jesus Christ sermon series audio notes

The Revelation of Jesus Christ – How to Make Sense

The Stone Cometh Preface – sermon notes Revelation

Jesus said the Stone would come upon Judaism. Jesus said, “This generation” (Mat 23:36) not a generation thousands of years following. Their antichrist system (1Jo 2:22; 1Jo 4:3; 2Jo 1:7) rejected the Stone, not our generation. However, their rejection did not stop Christ from being the Stone, the head of the corner. Jesus, the chief corner Stone, notified the Jews they would be crushed. The penalty for rejecting him was desolation. The Stone would crush the very temple in which they sat at the moment spoken (Mat 23:38). Their generation did not pass before all these things happened.

Introduction The Revelation Chapter 1 – 4 Great Visions – Shortly Come to Pass – video audio notes

No other part of Scripture has proved so fascinating to theologians as the Revelation. It is impossible to grasp the Revelation unless we allow the Bible to interpret it. If we do not use the Bible, we will find ourselves using today’s news as our interpretation guide. It is also impossible to grasp the Revelation without understanding Daniel’s prophecy of 70 weeks and the prophecy given by the Lord Jesus in the Olivet Discourse. We have included studies on both in this study volume.

The Revelation of Jesus Christ

Revelation Chapter 1 – Son of Man – Great Visions continued – The Cloud – This Generation – sermon series video audio notes – Revelation

We have been trained to look for the exposure of the antichrist in the Book of Revelation, but the antichrist is not found in the entire book. Even though the only writer who wrote about antichrists in the entire Bible, Apostle John, is the same writer who wrote the Revelation, he did not write about antichrist in Revelation. The title and opening five words of the book tell us we will find the Revelation of Jesus Christ in this book. Indeed this is exactly what we do find.

Son of Man – Revelation sermon video, audio, notes

To those knowing what the Son of man means, an immediate and tremendous insight is gained. It’s so sad how The Son of Man doesn’t mean much, if anything, to today’s Christians.

Revelation Chapter 2, Churches, Son of Man, Angel of the Church at – Revelation video audio notes

Chapters 2 and 3 of Revelation are not given the same attention as other chapters. People expect the mysterious from the Revelation, not about churches. What does this tell us about the church? However, there are some great truths to learn, especially for church leaders.

The Revelation of Jesus Christ

Revelation Chapters 3, Angel of the Church at, sermon video audio notes

The character of the Son of Man is first revealed to the angel of the church at Sardis as the one who has the seven spirits of God. We have already had fourteen uses of ‘seven’ in chapters 1 and 2. An extremely interesting point about seven is that seven is never used as seven years in the Book of Revelation. We do not find a seven-year tribulation in the Revelation.

Revelation Chapter 4, The Throne, Sea of Glass, Four Beasts – sermon video audio notes

The word throne is found thirty-nine times in Revelation. Twelve of the uses are found in Chapter 4. The throne is the central thought of chapter 4, not the rapture! As heaven opens, perfection is always seen. This view of perfection is a Revelation of Jesus Christ. Heaven is not about streets of gold and walls of jasper. Heaven is about the throne, and the throne is about Jesus.

The Revelation of Jesus Christ

Chapter 5, Lamb Slain, Right Hand, Seven Seals – sermon video audio notes

Anyone who has ever read the book of Revelation knows that all hell (literally) is about to be released on somebody. The Lamb seated at the right hand will open seven seals. All manners of plagues and famine and pestilence are about to be sent. Yet, at this tribulation, all of heaven and earth rejoiced. Does this not seem strange? It does seem strange to contemporary Christianity. The truth is the people to whom John wrote, Christians, rejoiced upon the earth for the Kingdom of God had come. This is exactly what Jesus had told them to pray.

Revelation Chapter 6, Horse and Four Horsemen – video audio notes

The opening of the seals released the beginning of sorrows. Jesus told his disciples that wars, pestilence, earthquakes, devastations upon the earth, false prophets, apostasy, etc. (Mat 24:1-13) would all be deceiving signs (Mat 24:4). Jesus called these things ‘the beginning of sorrows.’ This is seen in Revelation chapters six and seven, as the seven seals were opened the horse and four horsemen came.

Revelation Chapter 6a – The Lord, Souls under the altar, Collapsing universe terminology – video audio notes

These saints under the altar cried and prayed one thing very loudly. The word translated cried is krazo (Greek), meaning ‘to scream.’ They were screaming for vengeance. The Lord Jesus said the days of vengeance would come upon the generation to whom he spoke. The 1st century generation.

The Revelation of Jesus Christ

Daniel’s Seventy Weeks – sermon video audio notes

Without an understanding of Daniel’s Seventy Weeks, the student will never grasp the Revelation. It has been said the Revelation of Jesus Christ is the New Testament Daniel.1 What we desire to show here is Daniel’s prophecy of a day of desolation was intended for Jerusalem, temple worship, and the Jewish people. It was the Great Tribulation Jesus spoke about (Mat 24:21). This great tribulation was to come and did come upon Jerusalem in A.D. 70. The seals, vials, and trumpets of Revelation were for Israel.

Revelation Chapter 7, Four Corners of Earth, 144,000 – video audio notes

When John writes “earth,” did he mean land or the planet Earth? Does John mean a country, or does he mean the entire world? It does make a difference. It makes a huge theological difference. If John is telling us these judgments will come upon the entire planet, we are in trouble. However, if John is telling us these judgments would come upon the region, it makes a huge difference.

Revelation Chapter 8, Seven Angels with Seven Trumpets – video audio notes

Have we heard of seven trumpets in any Bible story other than Revelation? We have. John draws from Old Testament events and prophecies to relay New Testament truth. As we have seen, these are called allusions. In our study, they are referred to as allusion quotations. Without knowing John used Old Testament allusion, one might interpret Revelation using references from our day instead of John’s day. The allusion to the seven trumpets is from Joshua chapter 6 and the taking of Jericho.

The Revelation of Jesus Christ

Chapter 9, Star from Heaven, Demon Locusts, Plagues – video audio notes

Revelation 9:1 And the fifth angel sounded, and I saw a star fall from heaven unto the earth. Sometimes, I quote people who just talk smart. It sounds as if I should believe them from the words they use. They must be smarter than me, right? No. This one talks smart using words I need to dictionary. However, even John cannot differentiate the difference between a star falling and a meteor. This smart guy attempts to tell me what John saw.

Revelation Chapter 10, Mighty Angel, Little Book Sweet and Bitter – video audio notes

Prior to the sounding of the seventh trumpet, John is allowed to see a mighty angel come down from heaven. Most (not all) commentators agree the mighty angel is Jesus Christ revealing his glory. And why not? This is his Revelation!

Revelation Chapter 11, Two Witnesses – sermon video audio notes

The prophecy of these two witnesses concerned the mourning over Jerusalem (Judaism). Nearly every prophet spoke of the day of the Lord and the day when the Lord would turn from Jerusalem (Judaism). These prophets were killed in the streets of Jerusalem. The Great Tribulation horrors targeted Jerusalem.

The Revelation of Jesus Christ

Chapter 12, Woman with Child, Great Red Dragon, War in Heaven – video audio notes

Chapters 12-16 of John’s visit into the spirit realm (Rev 4:2) displayed the theme of the church in conflict with the dragon. From the throne, the Lamb executed vengeance upon the land by destroying those who killed the witnesses and treading underfoot the city. The second section gives several visions and mysteries. These will show the gathering to Armageddon. We will see the vision of the woman, the vision of the dragon, the vision of the beast from the sea, and the vision of the beast from the land.

Revelation Chapter 13, Mark of the Beast 666 – sermon video audio notes

Man without the seal of the living God (7:2) has the mark of the beast. With the seal of the living God one cannot buy or sell of the world. We must trust God if we take the Lord’s mark. With the mark of the beast, one cannot help but buy and sell of the same beast they are marked.

The Revelation of Jesus Christ

Revelation Chapter 14, Zion, 144,000, New Song, Babylon – sermon video audio notes

There is no doubt about the imagery here. Totally and absolutely, John is speaking of the destruction of the vine of Israel while God’s true people worship in Zion. Judaism was cast into the great winepress of the wrath of God. The winepress goes to work, and Israel is trodden under. The thought of ‘to the horse bridles’ was a picture of the massive bloodshed and death that took place.

Chapter 15, Mighty Angels, Last Plagues, Song of Moses Song of the Lamb – sermon video audio notes

Those who overcome the beast sing the song of Moses and the Song of the Lamb. What is that? Seven angels move through the book of Revelation. They are heavenly and true ministries of Jesus Christ and Father God. They sounded the trumpets (8:2, 6), and they poured out the vials of the wrath of God (15:1, 6, 7, 8; 16:1; 17:1; 21:9). Also, they delivered, showed, and explained the mysteries of God (17:1; 21:9). To project these seven angels as invisible winged creatures would be to miss what John was revealing to us totally.

Revelation Chapter 16, Armageddon, Seven Angels, Vials – sermon video audio notes

The mark of the beast had been given by the beast of the land. That beast had attributes ‘like a lamb.’ We have noted this mark was the false religion of Judaism. False religion marked the thinking (head) and doing (hand) of those following its beastly teachings. Those marked with this teaching were selected to receive a noisome and grievous sore. The Lord gathered them to a place called Armageddon.

The Revelation of Jesus Christ

Revelation Chapter 17, Great Whore, Scarlet Colored Beast – sermon video audio notes

Understanding this chapter concerning the great whore and scarlet beast becomes very important when noted the seven seals were opened releasing seven trumpets which climax with the seven bowls. Here, we are given an understanding as to what those seals, trumpets, and seven bowls were actually aimed to accomplish. If the meaning of this chapter is grasped then the meaning of all previous chapters will align. This is an extremely important chapter.

Chapter 18, Jerusalem Babylon the Great – sermon video audio notes

Is Jerusalem Babylon the Great? The desolation that came upon the house of Moses was exactly what Jesus had said would happen when He warned the Pharisees of the destruction that would come upon Jerusalem (Mat 23:33-39). This section begins with the words after these things. The things referred to were the ten kings of 17:16 who were hating the whore Babylon and making her desolate.  The ten kings of the beast Rome hated Jerusalem the whore and did eat (devour) her flesh (17:16). This prophetic language linked the wicked queen Jezebel with the wicked queen Jerusalem.

The Revelation of Jesus Christ

Revelation Chapter 19, Marriage Supper of the Lamb, White Horse, King of kings, and Lord of lords, sermon video

These are interpreted as the second coming or Second Advent of our Lord Jesus Christ. As will be shown, the section will speak of His coming but not His Second Advent. The opening of heaven is either God’s blessing for some or God’s judgment for others. The question must be asked: Is this opening showing the second Advent or something else?

Revelation Chapter 20, Thousand Years, Bottomless Pit, First Resurrection, Great White Throne, Lake of Fire – sermon video audio notes

The dragon, who is the serpent, Devil, and Satan, is not bound from evil or war. What the dragon cannot do is deceive the nations until the thousand years are fulfilled. One thing this means is that it is absolutely impossible for the dragon to stop any nation from hearing the true gospel. We know through Scripture that this is true. The gospel of the kingdom could not be stopped as it turned the world upside down (Act 17:6).

Chapter 21 – New Heaven New Earth, New Jerusalem the Bride the Lamb’s wife, Foursquare City – sermon video audio notes

Verses 9 and 10 have the potential to change a person’s theology forever. Who is, not what is the new Jerusalem? Traditional theology teaches the following verses to speak of heaven, as in the place a person goes when they stop breathing. This is not the emphasis of the passage. The emphasis is to see the wife of the Lamb in all her glory. As we clearly know from the Scriptures, the wife of the Lamb is the church. The angel desires to show John the bride, the Lamb’s wife.

The Revelation of Jesus Christ

Revelation Chapter 22 – River of Life, Street of Gold, I Come Quickly – video audio notes

Once again, in Revelation 22, John assured his readers these events would begin soon! John is told the time is at hand. The emphasis is to seal not the saying of the prophecy. It would be tremendously difficult to convince John’s readers the destruction of Jerusalem and the termination of the house of Moses was not the great tribulation Daniel spoke of. It would be difficult to convince any first-century believer that A.D. destruction was not the fulfillment of what Jesus called the Great Tribulation.

The Revelation of Jesus Christ sermon series audio notes

The Revelation of Jesus Christ sermon series audio notes

The Revelation of Jesus Christ sermon series audio notes

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