Book Of Numbers – How to Overcome Wilderness Challenges

Book Of Numbers – How to Overcome Wilderness Challenges Audio Series. The book tells the story of people saved and delivered, who plundered their enemies, were vindicated by the Lord, and saved by God to do something special. Instead, they died in the wilderness. The book tells the story of the Lord waiting for a generation to die off so He could take the next generation into a wonderful life. What can we learn applicable today from this book? We learn much! We learn about approaching the Lord, selection of leadership, battling in wilderness times, the horrors of murmuring and complaining, and on and on. The truths are endless.

Apostle Paul said in the New Testament the truths of Numbers are for our examples so we would not be destroyed by the destroyer. I took the first eleven chapters and made them applicable to life and church today. I have no idea why I didn’t finish the book. There are twenty-eight messages full of present truth.

Book Of Numbers – How to Overcome Wilderness Challenges Audio Series

The Book Of Numbers

Book Of Numbers – How to Overcome Wilderness Challenges

Approaching God – Tabernacle Numbers 1:1 – How to Be Holy – audio (I was frustrated in this lesson. Other lessons are better.)

Unlock the secrets of the book of Numbers and learn how to approach God. Find out how to be holy and cross into your Promised Land. If I asked you to tell me what salvation is, could you tell me? It’s not only going to heaven when we die. In typology, what is necessary for us to cross the Jordan River and cross into our Promised Land? We learn much from the Book of Numbers.

Book Of Numbers Introduction – How to Begin Your Exodus – audio

This book tells the story of people who were saved, delivered, plundered, vindicated, and saved by God to do something special. However, they died in the wilderness. The book ends up being a book about the Lord waiting for a generation to die off so He can take the next generation in.

Book Of Numbers Audio Series 

Numbers Chapter 1:1-4 – How to Organize Your Spiritual Life – audio

Warriors Numbered. We are all warriors in the kingdom. There is neither male nor female. The Lord is counting His warriors. This is about God waiting for a generation of people to die so He could take the next generation into the Land of Promise. When the church goes into the Promised Land, it won’t be only Baptist, Methodist, Presbyterian, or non-denominational. It will be the whole nation of us.

Book Of Numbers Elders – How to Guide God’s People – audio

The primary purpose of elders is to communicate to the people what the Lord is saying to the body of Christ. Elders seek the Lord until they find what the Lord is saying. Elders are ordained and commended to the Lord. They are an extension of the Lord. An elder isn’t an elder because they are given the title. They are an elder because that is what they are.

Book Of Numbers Elders Part 2 – How to Empower Others – audio

If an elder cannot minister and win their own family to the Lord, how will he or she minister to and win other families to the Lord? The office of a leader in a church does not become the title when given. The person must already be the title before given the title. The office is confirmed, not given. Accountability isn’t something a person does. Accountability is something a person is.

Book Of Numbers Audio Series 

Numbers Chapter 1 – How to Overcome Wilderness Challenges – audio

The Lord is concerned every group in a church receives ministry. This requires a diversity of leadership. The Lord tolerates nearly everything from His people, but it’s when we refuse to do what He’s brought us out of bondage to accomplish He leads us into the wilderness to perish. We have no idea nor have seen an accurate picture of the massiveness of the camp in the wilderness.

It would have been at least 10 miles of tents in each direction. God supplied manna for this amount of people every day except the Sabbath day. Plus, the rock that followed them would have been more like a waterfall. The point is whatever we need, our God is well able to provide.

Book Of Numbers Chapter 2:1-9 – How to Organize Your Life – audio

The Lord was very specific about how He arranged His people. The Lord has us camped in churches where He wants us. Each tribe had a specific view of the Tabernacle. There was a massive amount of people likely in a ten mile radius circling the tabernacle. The original plan was around a two year journey, however it took around forty years. It should take a believer around two years to develop and get into their promised land of abundance, but how long does it take most believers? The saddest thing is many never get in. They die children of God but never enter their Promised Land.

Book Of Numbers 3:1-4 – How to Learn from Tragic Mistakes – audio

Have you ever considered that Moses has no generations/lineage? As we study, it appears there were problems between Moses and his first wife. So much so that Moses not only remarried but married a woman of a different race and skin color. The point is that Moses’ first wife, Zipporah, was not a covenant person, and she took Moses and her sons out of God’s lineage and heritage.

Book Of Numbers 3:6-15 – How to Fulfill Divine Assignments – audio

Why did the Lord select the Levites to serve Him when He could have selected any tribe? It was because of a special blessing given to them by the Lord. The Levites carried the tabernacle, i.e., the presence of God, and camped close to God. The Lord wants us to camp close to Him and carry His presence no matter where we go.

Book Of Numbers 3:23-26 – How to Fulfill Your Role – audio

There are times when the body of Christ needs to move. What does a move of God toward the Promised Land require? One thing required is people willing to carry the wonders of the Lord. Spiritual things are veiled, and some wonders we can’t see at all. To see them and experience them, we must enter new dimensions.

Book Of Numbers 3:30-31 4:11-12 – How to Offer Spiritual Sacrifices – audio

The lampstand was beautiful, made of gold, and very intricately made. Oil fueled the seven flames fed by wicks. The lampstand speaks of the preciousness of the church, the Word, and the anointing. The altar of incense speaks of the inescapable prayers of the saints ascending before God.

Book Of Numbers 3:31 – How to Stand Firm in Faith – audio

We have been reconciled to God. We have now been given a ministry of reconciliation. This means we are to help people discover the reason the Lord called them into the kingdom. To do this we’ve each been given e a charge, or something to do, to help people discover God’s will for their life.

Book of Numbers 3:31, 36 – 4:13: How to Offer Effectual Fervent Prayer – audio

The brazen altar is a type of the cross of Christ. It was made of brass, and it was where animal sacrifices were offered. The cross was where Jesus was sacrificed. Brass speaks of judgment, and Christ’s sacrifice was judgment for our sins.

Book Of Numbers 3:33-4:49 – How to Become a Spiritual Pillar – audio

Sometimes, we feel like we’re being taken down, and sometimes, we feel like we’re being built back up. Both require being hammered, bumped, aligned, and leveled. This happens every time God moves in our lives. It’s a principle.

Book Of Numbers 4:7-8 – How to Transport Your Faith Journey – audio

This section of Scripture discusses transporting the shewbread table. These principles are eternal and should be in the heart of the believer wherever we go. It’s about communion with God and spending time with Him.

Book Of Numbers 5:1-2 – How to Unleash Celestial Blessings – audio

Chapters 5 and 6 of the Book of Numbers are about remaining holy in the camp. Moses commanded the people the word of the Lord. Why are people today not blessed, unhappy, children in rebellion, and not happy or blessed? Why can people never get a breakthrough or have their prayers answered? Answer: they don’t obey the commands of the Lord because they don’t fear Him (Book Of Numbers 5:1-2).

Book Of Numbers 5:2-31 – How to Overcome Jealousy’s Poison – audio

How do things defile us? It’s not difficult. How do we apply the test of adultery to today? So many people today have experienced or will experience a spouse’s unfaithfulness. The Scriptures teach many spiritual truths about adultery.

Book Of Numbers Audio Series 

Book Of Numbers 6:1-21 – How to Embrace the Nazarite Spirit – audio

Talking about the Nazarite Vow or separating unto the Lord is separating from personal life, public life, and from the dead – not literal corpses. No one knows our personal life but us. Our public life is what people see, however, and in this case, a person doing this vows their hair to grow long. People may ask why your hair is so long. It’s an opportunity to explain and talk about the Lord. It shouldn’t take long to know if a person is separated unto God. His presence cost a lot. It doesn’t come cheap.

Book Of Numbers 6:19-24 – How to Offer Your Best to the Lord – audio

Why does the Nazarite vow include shaving off the hair? We spend a lot of time and money on our hair. We feel if our hair looks nice then we look nice. Would you shave your head for the Lord? How much time and money do we spend preparing ourselves to come before the Lord?

Book Of Numbers 6:22-27 – How to Receive Divine Graciousness – audio

Is it required the Lord bless us? No. However, the Lord desires to bless us. We want the Lord’s countenance to shine on us. We need the Lord’s graciousness. Peace is central to the kingdom. The name we use is important. We don’t proclaim Jehovah. We proclaim the name of Jesus Christ.

Book Of Numbers 7:1 – How to Embrace Life’s Seasons – audio

In your life and in my life there are thousands of times when “it came to pass.” “It came to pass” are times God ordained and then ended with yet another it came to pass. How wonderful it would be if we had all, or at least some, of our “it came to pass” experiences recorded for our heritage.

Book Of Numbers 7:1-13 – How to Provision the Lord’s Ministry – audio

Leaders of a vision always financially support it. Where the heart is, there the treasure is, so leaders’ giving must be from the heart. When God gives vision, He also gives provision. This also includes provisions for the Levite, i.e., the ministry of the Lord.

Book Of Numbers 7:1-89 – How to Overcome Tithing Hesitation – audio

A day comes when each of us will have a large amount of money. We will wrestle with tithing and giving a large amount. We all do, but it will give the Lord tremendous joy. It will show and prove where our heart is. One trait of a child of God is giving. God’s people are incredible givers.

Book Of Numbers 8:1-8 – How to Illuminate God’s Truth – audio

Priests minister at God’s altar. Number 8 gives an outline for ordaining leaders in a church. Why were all the priests taken from the Levites? Everyone is not cleansed to minister. To minister to people, we cleanse our own selves.

Book Of Numbers 8:14-26 – How to Minister God’s Truth Effectively -audio

It’s not only truth that makes us free; it’s the truth we know that makes us free. Ministry is knowing God’s truths, ministering these truths to people according to God’s ways, and stopping the plagues in their lives.

Book Of Numbers 9:1-13 – How to Remember Christ’s Sacrifice – audio

The Lord instructed Moses to keep the Passover. Jesus fulfilled/ended the Passover with the Table of the Lord. The 1st-century church received the Table of the Lord every time they came together. When was the last time we had Holy Communion?

Book Of Numbers 9:15-23 – How to Surrender to Divine Directions – audio

What we see is the Glory Cloud of God, which speaks of the presence of the Lord and His angels. The cloud will lead. We can get into it. Also, we want the cloud in us, where the cloud can dwell.

Book Of Numbers 10:1-10 – How to Unleash Victory’s Trumpet – audio

Trumpets were made of precious material. They were for assembling and for moving. Hearing the trumpets was the last instruction the people received before moving. We see a total of five times trumpets were sounded.

Book Of Numbers 10:11 – How to Transition in Faith – audio

The children of God learned sixteen major principles at Sinai before they were able to move. “It came to pass,” and it was time to move, but first, they learned God speaks, and God’s people are numbered. They learned leadership must be established. Certain people were designated servants. Everyone camped and had a special view of the Lord’s dwelling. People learned to follow an imperfect leader. Parents learned they must do their spiritual worship. The Lord does not suggest. He commands.

Book Of Numbers 10:11-28 – How to Transition in Faith – audio

After two years, the children of Israel finally got to move. However, they only moved for about three days and then set up camp again. We learn that camping times are fewer than moving times. There is an order to moving and a time for each camp to move. We might not be moving when the Baptist church moves or when the Methodist church moves. We move when the Lord tells us it’s our turn to move.

Book Of Numbers 10:30-11:6 – How to Conquer Discontentment – audio

If there is anything we can put our finger on that stops the Children of God from entering their Promised Land, it’s murmuring and complaining. Moses couldn’t stop the murmuring and complaining, and the elders couldn’t stop the complaining. God couldn’t do enough to stop the murmuring. The only solution was to let the people die in the wilderness.

Book of Numbers Chapter 11:17-35

The Lord will give us the things about which we murmur and complain. He’ll give it to us until it comes out our nostrils. It appears our murmuring and complaining got us what we wanted. The fact is what we thought we wanted was a plague we brought upon ourselves.

Book Of Numbers Audio Series 

Apostle Paul said in the New Testament the truths of Numbers are for our examples so we would not be destroyed by the destroyer. I took the first eleven chapters and made them applicable to life and church today. I have no idea why I didn’t finish the book. There are twenty-eight messages full of present truth.

1 Corinthians 10:1-10

1 Moreover, brethren, I would not that ye should be ignorant, how that all our fathers were under the cloud, and all passed through the sea;
2 And were all baptized unto Moses in the cloud and in the sea;
3 And did all eat the same spiritual meat;
4 And did all drink the same spiritual drink: for they drank of that spiritual Rock that followed them: and that Rock was Christ.
5 But with many of them God was not well pleased: for they were overthrown in the wilderness.

Book Of Numbers Audio Series 

6 Now these things were our examples, to the intent we should not lust after evil things, as they also lusted.
7 Neither be ye idolaters, as were some of them; as it is written, The people sat down to eat and drink, and rose up to play.
8 Neither let us commit fornication, as some of them committed, and fell in one day three and twenty thousand.
9 Neither let us tempt Christ, as some of them also tempted, and were destroyed of serpents.
10 Neither murmur ye, as some of them also murmured, and were destroyed of the destroyer.

Book Of Numbers – How to Overcome Wilderness Challenges

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Book Of Numbers – How to Overcome Wilderness Challenges

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