Abraham the Friend of God sermon series

Abraham the Friend of God sermon series notes video audio. What is so powerful it caused Abraham to leave first Ur and then Haran to seek a land he had never seen? Also, why at age 75 would a man leave everything familiar and comfortable and go on a journey with God?  Moreover, how does a person like this become a friend of God?


Abraham the Friend of God sermon series

Abraham the Friend of God sermon series

This is a 15-sermon/message series. The last message has audio and video.

Abraham Acquaintance Or Friend? sermon notes

Three times in the scriptures Abraham is called the friend of God. The Lord would visit Abraham and then Abraham, through his altar, would visit the Lord. What kind of friend is it who never visits? Surely not a very close friend. No relationship is that way. Relations we bless and relationships that bless us are those where visitations have taken place.

When The Heathen (Pharaoh) Rebuke The Righteous sermon notes

We see a man of God, our father Abraham, rebuked by a heathen, Pharaoh. It is sad when a heathen displays more virtue than a man or woman of God. Often “Christians” feel they should get special treatment from authorities. No. God will allow them to rebuke the believer. Deception, lying, not keeping our commitments, etc. will bring a rebuke from the heathen.

Irrevocable Decisions sermon series notes

Lot’s greed and irrevocable decisions cost him everything. The only items of value Lot was left was his two daughters who got Lot intoxicated, seduced him, and both became pregnant by their father. The offspring of this became the nations of Moab and Ammon. Both are today terminated and in hell. How awful it must be to know greedy irrevocable decisions can cost a person their home, spouse, children, and descendants.

Abraham the Friend of God sermon series notes video audio

Meeting Melchizedek sermon notes

In chapter 14 Abram meets Melchizedek, experiences the bread and the wine, pays tithes, and is blessed. Not surprisingly in chapter 15 the Lord God makes a covenant with Abram eight years after beginning his walk.

The Covenant, Abraham Believed In The Lord sermon notes

It is at this point a legitimate covenant was made between Abraham and the Lord. Until now there had been promises and Abram’s response. No covenant had been made. The covenant answered Abram’s questions and fears whereas the promises did not. There is a difference between the promises of the Lord and the covenants of the Lord.

Sarai, Hagar, Abram Dilemma sermon notes

Abraham found his life in a very complex situation that became a problem. The predicament began with a good idea that went sour. This was not a problem Abraham will easily remedy. As a matter of fact, it is a sour situation producing fruit of which Abraham would live with until he died. Moreover, it is an unpleasant situation Abraham’s descendants would live with after Abraham had gone. Indeed it was the Sarai, Hagar, and Abram dilemma. As a result, it produced Ishmael.

Abraham the Friend of God sermon series notes video audio

Almighty Covenant sermon notes

Exactly as Abraham was invited into the Almighty Lord’s already existing covenant which He calls My Covenant, we too are invited into an already existing covenant – the My Covenant. We too have specifics. They will not be the same as Abraham’s specifics, or Sarah’s specifics, but will be your name specific. It will be what you are supposed to do in the My Covenant.

Let’s Eat then Sodom sermon notes

Let’s Eat then talk about Sodom – We can differentiate friends from acquaintances by how we feed them. Friends eat in the living room or at least in a very comfortable setting. It’s ‘Let’s eat!’ We attempt to impress acquaintances. They are fed with fine china and silver and fed in the most proper way. How are we when the Almighty God appears? Do we kick into King James language when He shows up? Do we change everything to impress Him?

We Need A Dream sermon notes

Scriptures talk about dreaming much. However, we teach about it very little. Actually, it’s talked about more than “born again,” prayed, Antichrist, devil, or Satan. However, we have much less teaching and understanding of the Biblical teachings on dreaming. Perhaps it’s like tongues. It’s just a little too ‘spiritual.’ Job says in dreams of deep sleep is when the Lord “openeth the ears of men.” We need a dream.

Abraham the Friend of God sermon series notes video audio

Isaac, We Need To Be Weaned sermon notes

A “great feast” was made on the day Isaac was weaned, not on the day Isaac was born or circumcised. When we come to the Lord as a newborn there is rejoicing and laughter. There is great rejoicing when we are baptized. But when we wean and mature and become able to eat and digest the meat of the Word of God the Lord throws a party!

Ishmael Mocking Isaac sermon notes

Ishmael’s mocking of Isaac was sufficient to cast out Hagar and Ishmael, but the mocking seems natural. Older brothers mock and tease their little brothers. In what family would this not happen? There must be more to this than we are given. What was it? Let’s take a look.

Abimelech Is Watching sermon notes

Abimelech was Abraham’s neighbor. Neighbors are always observing us. They observe how we raise our children and pay our bills. They know about our marriage and observe us taking care of our homes and possessions. Do they like us living close to them? They should. If they do not like us close there is a problem with our witness.

Death of Sarah sermon notes

Sarah was 127 years old when she died. After more than 100 years of marriage, Sarah died. After all death parts those whom nothing else could. Leaving Ur could not part them. The change of lifestyle from a house to living in a tent could not part them. The situation with Sarah and Pharaoh, Abraham’s lying, the events taking place with Hagar and Abraham, Ishmael could not part them, Sarah and Abimelech situation, and even Abraham’s taking Isaac to Moriah to sacrifice him did not separate them. Nothing could separate them… until death. It’s a far cry from marriage today.

Abraham the Friend of God sermon series notes video audio

Helping Your Children Find A Spouse sermon notes

Helping Your Children Find A Spouse sermon notes. Abraham depended upon a trusted relationship when it came to accepting a spouse for his child. This relationship loved Abraham and loved his son Isaac. Each of us should have people in our lives who love us and minister to us when it comes time for accepting marital partners for our children. These relationships love our children and minister to them. There should be people in our lives who assist us in praying for and looking for a spouse for our children. They will keep their eyes out for a good one and warn us of a bad one.

Old Abraham Gave Up The Ghost And Died sermon notes audio

The life spirit of Abraham was not forced from him. He allowed it to go. We know this is exactly what the Lord did on the cross. We know Paul knew his time had come and also approached his departure in this fashion. I firmly believe we should fight for every breath as long as we believe we should be alive. When the time comes we too should be able to give up the ghost and die to this world.

Abraham the Friend of God sermon series

Abraham the Friend of God sermon series

Abraham the Friend of God sermon series

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Abraham the Friend of God sermon series notes video audio