Building A Home Or Hell Study 3

Building A Home Or Hell Study 3 is an in-depth study of Home and Family. We deal with marriage, children’s singleness, and sex in the marriage. This study is taken from the Scriptures and years of marriage. It’s more than making a marriage work. This study is about making a home work.


I Can Help Your Marriage

Many have suffered divorce. I can help you. Many live in a hell you built. I can help you. Many have children who have not come to Christ. I can help you. Many have never married. I can help you avoid many mistakes. Many have very successful marriages, but there come times when you need to refresh the marriage. I can help you. Why do homes and families fail? I can tell you why God said they fail, and I can show you why being a Christian and being spiritual won’t save your marriage. Also, I will show you why two people married and in love won’t save your marriage.

She Wants You, Husband

What are some basic things I need to know about my marriage? Marriage is not built on love. A home is built upon wisdom. A major component of a successful happy home is fearing the Lord.

Sit Down And Shut Up

Women today have lost the art of submission and quietness. Brawling, nagging, and contentious women tear their own homes down while meek and quiet-spirited women build their homes up.

Can You Do Anything With My Child

What does it mean to train up a child? Why do we train up a child? What’s the benefit? The primary thing we train a child to do is to listen to us and obey us. Children must be dedicated to God but also dedicated to their parents.

Building A Home Or Hell Study 3

Can You Do Anything With My Child 2

Can You Do Anything With My Child 2? What does it mean to train a child in the way he or she should go? Of all the things this could mean one part is certainly training them to hear parents properly dedicated to the Lord. We are taught in the Scriptures to train with the rod, but not only with the rod.

Achieving Your Singleness First

It’s not good to be alone, but it’s not good for everyone to be married. Society has pressed young people into thinking they should get married quickly. The truth is first people need to figure out who they are, what they are here to do, and love themselves before they marry.

Get Naked, Not Ashamed

Within the heart of a man is a desire to cleave to his wife. God put it there. Every woman desires to be held, desired and told how beautiful she is. Mankind was not created to be ashamed of their nakedness. Sexual desire properly channeled is good, not evil. Sex in marriage should be fun and undefiled.

Building A Home Or Hell Study 3

Baby, I Need Your Lovin

Why does God only want sex to happen only in marriage? 1) Avoid immorality. 2) Marital duty. 3) Your body belongs to your spouse. 4) Halts Satan’s temptations. God has given a man the desire to be with his woman. God puts into the heart of a woman the desire to desire her.




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