He Gave Gifts Study Audio

He Gave Gifts Study. Jesus ascended and gave gifts to humanity – apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers. If Jesus gave them to humanity where did they go? Answer: They reside within each of us. One of these is a primary gifting given to you. One is a secondary. You have each of these in some dimension in your life.

He Gave Gifts Study Audio


He Gave Gifts Study Messages

Introduction Audio

He Gave Gifts Introduction – when Jesus ascended He gave gifts to people, and He gave these to help increase the body of Christ helping it to grow into maturity. People never grow and prosper because they never find their place and become planted in the correct place. We either release the gifts or we withhold the gifts. We touch the lives of people through our anointing.

Apostle (not available)

Gift Of The Prophet Audio

Gift Of The Prophet. Much of what we conceive about a prophet is Old Testament. There is a difference between an Old Testament and New Testament prophet. These people edify people and the church.

Gift Of The Evangelist Audio

Gift Of The Evangelist – a person who brings glad tidings of God’s goodness and God’s salvation. How is this person recognized? They have a passion to bring people from every place into the kingdom of God through Jesus Christ. Their heart is to introduce every person they meet to Jesus Christ and tell them about the glad tidings of the kingdom.

…The Pastor Audio

Gift Of The Pastor. This term has become more of a governmental title than the title of a person’s true gifting and calling. There are pastors in every congregation who never stand behind a pulpit or preach from a platform. The pastor is outwardly recognized by their passion for gathering, recovering, and caring for God’s people. Compassion for people is key when identifying pastors. The pastor performs the shepherding of the body. Jesus is the pattern shepherd.

Gift Of The Teacher Audio

Gift Of The Teacher. We are given more information about this gift than any gift. However, we see the teacher as the least important. More is said about Jesus teaching than anything He did. A teacher is recognized by teaching every place they go. The teacher’s passion is to teach others what he or she knows and is learning. Paul went all over the world teaching others what he knew. In the church, they teach the things of God and the duties of man. When the Scriptures speak of a master they usually mean a master. The teacher should be a master of what they teach.

Lives are eternally impacted by a teacher. James actually warns people not to be teachers.

He Gave Gifts Study Audio

He Gave Gifts Study Audio

He Gave Gifts Study Audio

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