About Me Pastor Delbert Young

About me Pastor Delbert Young. I was the senior pastor of Life Gate Church in LaFayette, Georgia for thirty years. Today I remain a pastoral figure at Life Gate Church. I began Life Gate in 1985 and served Live Gate as senior pastor until 2015. Though I am now retired I’ve retired with thirty years of pastoral experience, sermons, and years of ministry. With great joy I continue to serve Life Gate Church in speaking and media areas.

About Me Pastor Delbert Young

Pastor Delbert Young

Today I am the Online Campus pastor for Northstar Church in Panama City, Florida.

I am originally from Miami, Florida. However, I grew up and lived in Griffin, Georgia, before moving to LaFayette, Georgia in 1985 to begin Life Gate Ministries.

Concerning Education

I acquired an associate’s degree in Accounting in 1967. Also, I obtained an associate’s degree in Business Administration, an associate’s degree in Bible Studies, plus a bachelor’s degree in Theology along with other ministerial and theological citations.

I wrote and published several books. The number at the moment is twenty-five (I believe). Many of these were used as study guides for several of my teachings and then developed into books. They are available on Kindle.

Television programs for the local area along with radio programs and a daily radio spot are parts of my background. Equally important, many of my sermons are published on Sermons Change the World websites. Many of the sermon videos are on my YouTube channel. All sermons are free to download and share and shared all over the world.


Today, my wife and I live in Panama City Beach, Florida, and I serve as the Online Campus pastor for Northstar church (nstar.online.church). Because of this, every week I get to continue ministering online, and I invite everyone to log in to Northstar Church Online and say hello. Simply look for Delbert in the chat and say hello. Also, I continue to develop my websites making my sermons, teachings, messages, and books available.

My wife, Judy Phillips Young, and I have been married since 1967. She’s always been my helper in the ministry. We have a son, Lance Young, and a daughter Bonnie Young Spencer, both married. We have four grandsons – Jack, Max, Michael Lance, and John David.

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