The Gospel of Luke Chapter 23

The Gospel of Luke Chapter 23 audio video notes. We ministered four messages from this chapter of Luke. The titles are: Herod Jesus Gave Him No Answer, Crucifixion King Of The Jews, Father Forgive Them, and He Asked for the Body of Jesus. Concurrently we discussed the days around the crucifixion of Jesus. Firstly we will discuss the time Jesus spent with Herod. Then we will talk about the hideous crucifixion itself. Thirdly we talk about Jesus’ saying “Father forgive them…” Lastly, we will discuss the burial of Jesus in the tomb. 


by Delbert Young

The Gospel of Luke Chapter 23 sermons

The Gospel of Luke Chapter 23 audio video notes

Herod, Jesus Gave Him No Answer – video audio notes Luke 23:1-25

Herod attempted to provoke Jesus by accosting him. Jesus didn’t so much as acknowledge the egotistical maniac who had murdered Jesus’ cousin and mentor John the Baptist. Jesus gave him no answer. What fear, or bully, accosts you? Jesus showed us we don’t need to respond to bullies. I don’t know if there is a more demeaning response than not acknowledging or saying anything to a bully.

Crucifixion King Of The Jews – video audio notes Luke 23:25-39

Crucifixion was designed to mock to the max the victim. A good successful crucifixion was when the victim didn’t just die, but became a laughing-stock. It’s difficult for us to imagine this level of cruelty, but crucifixion, as hideous as it was, actually encouraged people to laugh. The Roman death squads were trained professionals. With Jesus, they staged the crucifixion and leveraged the laughter taking the theme from the written notice given them by Pilate to be nailed to the cross above the head of Jesus (Luk 23:38). ‘THIS IS THE KING OF THE JEWS.’

Father Forgive Them – video audio notes Luke 23:39-49

Jesus’ first statement on the cross was personally seeking forgiveness for the world’s most wretched sinners. Jesus showed and informed humanity there is no sin God cannot forgive. If there was forgiveness available for those vile people then there is forgiveness available for me, you, or anyone. It’s a picture of God’s never-ending love.

He Asked for the Body of Jesus – video audio notes Luke 23:50-56

Pilate released the body of Jesus to Joseph. Usually, the bodies of the executed were not released for burial. Sometimes they hung on the cross to rot or were thrown into the trash dump. Jesus was released. It was God’s plan. Joseph of Arimathea was in God’s plan. What would have happened to the body of Jesus without this counselman Joseph? Father previously planned to take care of the body of Jesus.

The Gospel of Luke Chapter 23 audio video notes

The Gospel of Luke Chapter 23 audio video notes

The Gospel of Luke Chapter 23 audio video notes

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