Gospel of Luke Chapter 4 audio video notes

Gospel of Luke Chapter 4 audio video notes. In this chapter, we study the beginning of the ministry of Jesus Christ. Jesus went three rounds with the devil in the World Champion Temptation match. Though weak and needing ministry by angels when the fight was over, the score was 3 rounds to 0 for the winner and still champion, Jesus Christ. Jesus then went to his hometown and announced His ministry. However, it didn’t go well. No matter. Nothing will stop Him now. This chapter has six messages. 


by Delbert Young

Gospel of Luke Chapter 4 audio video notes

Gospel of Luke Chapter 4 audio video notes

Temptation – The Devil Round 1 – video audio notes Luke 4:1-2

When was the last time you were tempted? I mean deeply tempted to do or to say exactly what you knew in your heart you were not to do or say? Likely, it wasn’t some new temptation. Likely, it was the same O thing that habitually shows up ever so often. How did it work out for you? Did you resist and overcome the temptation? Or, were you defeated again giving in to your temptation? What was it? Safe to say it was sin tempting you. What is your beloved sin that is such temptation to you? How many times have you confessed it to God and tried to never do it again? You know it breaks God’s heart, disgusts you, hurts you, and hurts others.

Temptation – Round 2 – video audio notes Luke 4:1-8

I was thinking about this. If your three biggest temptations were written in the Bible to be read by trillions of people for eternity, what would be written? I’m not certain I would want my three biggest temptations written. How about you? Here’s the deal. The devil was saying, (I’m paraphrasing) “Look! Here’s what you want most in life. You will give everything to have this. You are willing to die for this! I can give it to you much easier. You can take a shortcut. I can make it happen, but you must worship me.”

Temptation – Religion Round 3 – video audio notes Luke 4:9-13

It’s interesting to me that the last round of temptations dealt with religion. Jesus was exhausted. He’s had no food in forty days. He is weak. He is vulnerable. Many people come to church at those times. They are exhausted in life. They are starving for something to revive them. Also, they are weak, and they are vulnerable. That’s when the devil comes with religion. “Jump into religion,” he says. “God will fix everything for you. Test God. Your life’s a mess. Just pray a prayer and go to church a few times. Get your fire insurance policy.”

Jesus Your Home Town Boy to preach – video audio notes Luke 4:14-30

Jesus was nearly an overnight success. Within a very short time, Jesus was the phenom rabbi praised by everyone. He was invited to preach at synagogues throughout the entire countryside. He packed the house when he came to town. What made Jesus so different when he came to preach? Why was Jesus successful so quickly? What can we learn from the success Jesus experienced to help us be more successful no matter what our occupation? Luke made certain to tell us when he came to preach.

A Demon On The Sabbath – video audio notes Luke 4:31-37

Jesus displayed power over a demon in the synagogue. The synagogue here is their version of church. It’s much more relevant to us today than we suspect. Jesus proved he could overpower the devil for himself in his personal temptations by the devil, but can Jesus overpower the devil for others – you and me, for your spouse, for your children, etc.? Have you ever thought you, your spouse, or your child was “demon-possessed?”

Natural, Supernatural, Eternity – video audio notes Luke 4:38-44

The categories a savior must have power over (1) the natural. If Jesus is the savior, he must be capable of delivering my body from sickness in the natural realm. The savior must be able to deliver people in the natural physical realm. (2) The supernatural; If Jesus is the savior, he must be capable of delivering me supernaturally from demonic attacks of temptations, darkness, lust, evil thoughts, and wicked imaginations. (3) The eternal; If Jesus is the savior, he must have the power to save me from eternal judgment. If not saved, I am damned to hell for eternity. Does Jesus have the power to deliver my body, soul, and spirit?

Gospel of Luke Chapter 4 audio video notes

Gospel of Luke Chapter 4 audio video notes

Gospel of Luke Chapter 4 audio video notes

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