Teaspoon To Wheelbarrow Series. This sequence of messages is concentrated on invoking the blessings of God upon our lives. God desires to bless us However, Blessings don’t just happen. His blessings are in response to how we respond to God. We take time and show how we should properly respond to God to invoke His blessings upon our lives.

Teaspoon To Wheelbarrow Series Audio

Teaspoon To Wheelbarrow Series Audio

Series Messages

Teaspoon To Wheelbarrow Series Audio

1- Cycle Of Blessings

2- One Thing You Lack 8-1-1

3- Do I Have Wise Work Habits

4- Can You Change 

5- Can We Disassociate From Negative Spirits

6- What Is My Mouth Producing

7 – Series Recap and Do I Honor My Parents

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