Temple Of Solomon Study Nothing is better to study when uniting a congregation to dedicate a building to God than the Temple Of Solomon. Every aspect of the structure is full of meaning. When a local body understand every aspect of God’s dwelling and importance it impacts everyone for generations.

Temple Of Solomon Study Audio

Temple Of Solomon 1 David’s Vision Audio

2 Where To Build Audio

Temple Of Solomon 3 Foundations Audio

Temple Of Solomon 4 – Walls Audio

5 – Courts Audio

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Temple Of Solomon 7 Brazen Sea Audio

8 Porch Audio

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Temple Of Solomon 1

David’s Vision – There are 5 divine structures in Scriptures: Ark of Noah; Tabernacle of Moses; Tabernacle of David; Temple of Solomon; and the New Jerusalem. These show the moving of God as He moved/moves through the ages with His people. The primary purpose of each is the presence of God coming to dwell with people.

Temple Of Solomon 2

Where To Build. The Lord told David not to build the temple because David was a bloody man. The next generation, Solomon, would build the temple. God has a generation who will move from dead doctrine into the Mount of God.

Temple Of Solomon 3

Foundations.  In the Scriptures there were foundations plural. For the temple the size was 18 feet by 18 feet. The Cornerstone was set first. Everything aligned with the foundation. Jesus Christ is the chief cornerstone.

Temple Of Solomon 4

Walls. First we are given measurements. We must have measurements/boundaries in our lives. Then there are windows. We need light, vision, and ventilation in our lives. We are told about the stones. These were nothing but rock. The hewers went and molded them. They gave them purpose.

Temple Of Solomon 5

Courts. The temple had an outer courts areas where people gathered. We, the temple of God, have court areas. It speaks of the people who gather in our lives. Also the courts have gates. The tabernacle of Moses had one gate, i.e. the Jew. However, the Temple of Solomon had four gates – North, South, East, and West. This speaks of all ethnic group. Everyone can come. Courts speak of fellowship.

Temple Of Solomon Study Audio

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