Volunteering, Is It Worth It sermon video audio. What you give, what you bring, what you give volunteering will effect heaven. No one gets more Holy Spirit than another. We are all given the gift of the Holy Spirit to do things in the kingdom. The world was changed because of volunteers in the Kingdom of God – Stephen, Philip, Paul, Barnabas, Dorcas, Mark, Luke. The kingdom advanced from the work of the volunteers. Any ministry is only as effective as the people who volunteer to advance it in the kingdom.

by Delbert Young

Volunteering, Is It Worth It sermon video audio

Volunteering, Is It Worth It sermon video audio

From Serve on a Team:

A huge problem in America is what we’ve come to call “entitlement.” “Entitlement” is a newly used word. Maybe the best way I can make certain you know what I mean by entitlement is when your child thinks you owe them the next hot thing – the newest thing, the most popular thing, the most expensive thing – toy, iPhone, iPad, Xbox, PS3, clothes, and on and on. Everybody else has one so they’re entitled to one too. They don’t care how much it cost, or how much money you make, or how much you’re in debt. If you’re a parent you just understood entitlement. Our nation is hemorrhaging from entitlement. People producing nothing, not working, and paying no taxes feel entitled to the identical benefits those who do work, produce, and pay taxes receive. From where do people get that ideal?

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