Give a Percentage pt 1 sermon video. Those of you who purposefully give a percentage off the top have no idea what you have done. You have powerfully made a difference not because of horror stories that happened and someone told, but because of the horror stories that never happened at all. That’s the power of purposeful percentage giving.

By Pastor Delbert Young

Give a Percentage pt 1 sermon video

Sermon notes


Give a Percentage pt 1 sermon video

Scriptures: Malachi 3:8-9; Malachi 3:10-11

If you ask, “What Can You Do?” meaning “What Can I Do?” to help our church improve and accomplish what we are here to accomplish the first thing is #1 Connect in a small group – Life Group. #2 is “Serve on a team.” #3 is “Give a percent.” We have the doors locked so you can’t escape (kidding).

Let’s talk about giving. Didn’t it feel great to give all we gave during the Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons? We gave food to the hungry, all those boxes of Christmas to soldiers in Afghanistan, and all those animals, chickens, and ducks to people in 3rd world countries. You were extraordinary. You were amazing. I was very proud of our church. We all gave a little and it ended being so much.

Here’s what I want us to understand. Giving food and money for the hungry, giving to help people in 3rd world countries, giving to keep the utilities on for a single mom, buying groceries, giving to women shelters, those type things create a lot of passion and emotion. We’ve all given from our passion and emotions and our church always will. This is a spontaneous giving. It makes us feel good. We have a conscious and emotional giving that touches our conscious and should. This type giving is giving directly to something that will help immediately and INTERVENE in a situation – INTERVENTION giving. (continue sermon notes)

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