Expecting a Financial Miracle sermon video. Financial Miracle – Luke 12:34 says ‘For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.’ Where my heart is my finances are also. Jesus said there is an essential relationship between our treasures and our hearts. If I am having financial problems, I first need to look at my heart, not my income. I could have a heart problem not a financial problem blocking my miracle.

By Pastor Delbert Young

Expecting a Financial Miracle sermon video

Sermon notes


Expecting a Financial Miracle sermon video

Scriptures: Luke 12:34, Exodus 12:35-36, Joshua 22:8, Matthew 17:27, Luke 5:4, Luke 5:6-7, Luke 5:4, Luke 5:8-11

We are in a series that called EXPECTING THE MIRACULOUS. Do you believe that God wants you to experience the supernatural and miraculous in your financial area of life? How many believe that God has a plan to make you very wealthy? I do. How many believe they have increased financially since they came into the kingdom of God and even more specifically, since you have been coming to Life Gate Church. That’s how it should be. God has us on a plan to prosper us – Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, children of Israel, David, Solomon, etc. Every time God delivers you from something, every time you overcome, every time you do what is right, you are moving closer and closer to God’s plan to give you great wealth. God cares about your money matters. I know this because the Bible speaks extensively about money.

In his book, Generous People, Eugene Grimm says, “If we were to strike the comments of Jesus about money, we would reduce his teachings by more than one-third. Sixteen of Jesus’ approximately 38 parables dealt with money. One of every seven verses in the first three Gospels in some way deals with money. In fact, Jesus spoke about money more than about any other single subject, except the kingdom of God itself.” (continue sermon notes)

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