Defiled or not be Defiled 1

Defiled or not be Defiled 1 sermon video audio. That Is The Question. It’s not what goes into, but what comes out a person that defiles the person. We decide what gets into us. What comes out is determined by what we allowed in. Let’s take a look.

To be Defiled or not be Defiled, that is the Question part 1

By Pastor Delbert Young








Defiled or not be Defiled 1

The following spinet is from “Religious Pharisees Clean Outside Luke 11:37-44” sermon.

Certainly, it seems, as I study God’s word seeing all the evils and sins spoken of, Jesus considered religion the worst. After all, the most severe warnings and damnations ever coming from the mouth of Jesus were directed at the most religious people. Since Jesus is a religious figure we would think the more religious a person is the more affirmation one would expect to receive from God, especially a devout Jew. The thought in the world is the Jew in Judaism will always be God’s favorite. That is not the case. The fiercest damnations Jesus gave were to religious Jews. Have you ever wondered exactly why this was and is? The reason this is so important to know is so we will avoid those damnations.

Religion contrary to the truth is from hell and takes people to hell. Religion contrary to truth is a damning deception, and religion contrary to truth perverts the scriptures. Also, religion contrary to truth gives the allusion all is well with God when it’s not. Perverting the scriptures both Old and New Testaments brings the most ferocious judgments and these are the reasons why the wrath of Jesus was/is invoked.

Defiled or not be Defiled 1

To Be Defiled Or Not To Be Defiled, That Is The Question

Defiled or not be Defiled 1

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