I Refuse to be Ignorant sermon video. Ignoring available information makes me ignorant (ignore-ant). It is not I do not have the ability to learn, or the information is not available. It is I have chosen to be ignorant – to spurn God’s absolute laws. So, if I have ignored (spurned) the correct ways to establish my home, it is highly likely my children will be ignorant. If I am ignorant and I teach my children all I know what have I taught my children? I have taught them to be ignorant also. Is information available from God’s word about how to build a home? Absolutely, but I am ignorant.


I Refuse to be Ignorant sermon video

By Delbert Young

Sermon Notes

I Refuse to be Ignorant sermon video

Scriptures: Hosea 4:6, Hosea 4:6, Hosea 4:6, 1 Corinthians 14:38

We are beginning a series today – BUILDING A HOME OR A HELL. I have taught this in the past. However, this will not be the identical teaching. It will have the same title and some of the same thoughts, but also many new thoughts. If you are married, were married, or will ever be married, this will help you.

I remember the day. It was June 26, 1967. At the church altar in Midway Methodist Church, I stood with my beautiful bride. She was seventeen and I was nineteen. After repeating all the vows, we each said, “I do.” The preacher presented to the people Mr. and Mrs. Delbert Young. Away we went into a life of “living happily ever after.” Sure we did. A year later, we had a baby. There was not enough money to pay our bills. We fussed a lot. We were beginning not to like each other and it was downhill from there for many years to come. We were heading for destruction, but something changed.

Every marriage, I repeat, EVERY MARRIAGE goes through tough times. There is no “perfect marriage” and there is no “happily ever after.” At least, not as we imagine “happily ever after” to be.

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