This Is How A Man Is Happy sermon video

This Is How A Man Is Happy sermon video. How happy should a man be? Dad, how happy should you be? Do you deserve happiness or just want happiness. We earn long-term extreme happiness. It does not just happen. Dad, the Bible says if your home is not extremely happy and a place of happiness, then something is wrong. There is some knowledge lacking or perhaps rejected.

By Pastor Delbert Young

This Is How A Man Is Happy sermon video

Sermon Notes

This Is How A Man Is Happy sermon video

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Today is Father’s Day. It is the day that we set apart to honor and remember our fathers. We all had a biological father, but I pray that you actually had someone who fathered youA father is not that easy to come by. My Father was a gentle loving man –a high Ox temperament for those of you who know what I am talking about. He loved my mother and he loved my sister and me. It is great to be blessed with a father. If your father is alive, make certain that you visit or at least give him a call today. Even if he was more of a sire than a father, your properly honoring him is as much for your wellbeing and peace as it is for him.

We knew we would be in our series that we have titled BUILDING A HOME OR A HELL on Father’s Day, so we arranged the lessons so that we would be talking about the man of the house today. I have a question for you. WHAT ACTUALLY MAKES A FATHER? Jesus said you can know a tree by its fruit (Mat 7:19). MALES CAN PRODUCE CHILDREN, BUT WHAT DOES A FATHER PRODUCE?

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