I Refuse to be Ignorant sermon video audio notes

I Refuse to be Ignorant sermon video audio notes. Ignoring available information makes me ignorant (ignore-ant). It is not I do not have the ability to learn, or the information is not available. It is I have chosen to be ignorant – to spurn God’s absolute laws. So, if I have ignored (spurned) the correct ways to establish my home, it is highly likely my children will be ignorant. If I am ignorant and I teach my children all I know what have I taught my children? I have taught them to be ignorant also. Is information available from God’s word about how to build a home? Absolutely, but I can be ignorant.


I Refuse to be Ignorant

By Delbert Young

I Refuse to be Ignorant sermon video audio notes







I Refuse to be Ignorant sermon video audio notes

Scriptures: Hosea 4:6, Hosea 4:6, Hosea 4:6, 1 Corinthians 14:38

We are beginning a series today – BUILDING A HOME OR A HELL. I have taught this in the past. However, this will not be the identical teaching. It will have the same title and some of the same thoughts, but also many new thoughts. If you are married, were married, or will ever be married, this will help you.

I remember the day. It was June 26, 1967. I stood with my beautiful bride at the church altar in Midway Methodist Church. She was seventeen and I was nineteen. After repeating all the vows, we said, “I do.” The preacher presented to the people Mr. and Mrs. Delbert Young. Away we went into a life of “living happily ever after.” Sure we did. A year later, we had a baby. There was not enough money to pay our bills. We fussed a lot. Also, we were beginning not to like each other and it was downhill from there for many years to come. Moreover, we were heading for destruction, but something changed.

Every marriage, I repeat, EVERY MARRIAGE goes through tough times. There is no “perfect marriage” and there is no “happily ever after.” At least, not as we imagine “happily ever after” to be.

I Refuse to be Ignorant sermon video audio notes

Allow me to give us some very positive thoughts from some of the most recent divorce stats I can find.

Since 1990:

1991, 47%

1992, 48%

1993, 46%

1994, 46%

1995, 46%

1995, 43%

1997, 43%,

1998, 42%,

1999, 41%,

2000, 41%,

2001, 40%,

2002, 40%,

2003, 39%

2004, 37%

The current divorce rate is 37%. Delbert, what is positive about this? The divorce rate is declining. It has gone from 47% in 1991 to 37% in 2004. The positive thought is the odds are for today’s marriages – your marriage – working. Vegas would take 63% odds every day of the week.

I Refuse to be Ignorant sermon video audio notes

A wonderful trend is taking place.

I was in Walmart recently and noticed something I had never noticed before. No less than four times in a few minutes, I watched dads genuinely and lovingly taking care of their children. I love watching my son with his newborn child. Something very special is happening today in homes. Most likely the reason the divorce rate is falling is because men are becoming fathers and not simply siring children. As we said on Mother’s Day, the greatest gift a man can give a woman is to love her children. Something wonderful is happening.

Another interesting thought and point is how the “gay marriage” issue played a large part in the 2004 Presidential election. Overwhelmingly the United States voted down “gay marriages” with only Alaska, California, Colorado, Maine, and Oregon voting for it. What this statistic tells us is people are awakening again to the importance of marriage and the home.

The purpose of our series is not simply salvaging your home. It is to increase greatly the potential of your home. God does not want your home to “make it.” He wants your home to be strong, vibrant, and meaningful. Is it? Is it what you want it to be?


Why do homes fail? Have you ever pondered this thought? I am certain we could come up with many answers, but in a moment I plan to show us the one true answer.

Why does it seem praying and begging God will not save a home? Why does the Lord not want people to be leaders in his church if their homes are in chaos? How can two people truly be in love and yet their marriage fail? Why does counseling, even Christian counseling, not save a home? What can you do to make certain you are building a home that will last? I hope we can give some real answers to these questions.

After all, I am aware 37% of us have suffered divorce and failed homes. Then again, I am aware some have suffered more than one failed home. Most suffered failed homes already or will remarry. You are forced to deal with your “Ex’s” and your spouse’s “Ex’s” You are forced to deal with your children and the children of your spouse. It is complicated and delicate, but I want to help you.

I Refuse to be Ignorant sermon video audio notes

I am also aware experience does not always bring success.

We can marry and remarry fifteen times and still not enjoy a successful home.

I am aware some of us, at this very moment, live in a “hell” at home. Some homes are struggling to survive and are uncertain what the future may hold. I believe we can help you.

I am aware some of us have children in rebellion. There seems to be no hope. It sucks the life out of you. They are driving you crazy, damaging your relationship with your spouse, damaging your relationship with your other children, and undermining your home. I hope to help.

So, I am aware some of us have never married, but will one day. Certainly, I can help you know what to look for in a spouse and how to prepare yourself for marriage.

Furthermore, I am also aware some of us have very good marriages. I believe by talking about issues, we can help make good marriages better. Let’s get started.


[Hosea 4:6]  my people are destroyed from lack of knowledge. Because you have rejected knowledge, I also reject you as my priests; BECAUSE YOU HAVE IGNORED THE LAW OF YOUR GOD, I also will ignore your children. 

How does this verse work out in real life? First, let’s equate “the Law of your God” to “the way life works.”In other words, the law of your God is how God designed the universe to operate. For example, the earth rotates in twenty-four-hour segments. This is the law of your God. It is how God set life up to work and it works perfectly every time every day and it will never change. It will not change for you or for me. This is the law of your God and this is how life works. We accept this and adjust our lives accordingly.

I Refuse to be Ignorant sermon video audio notes

But, let’s say I decided to change it so MY days were twelve-hour days. How would this work? I would be out of sync with everyone else and out of sync with the law of God. Nothing would work correctly. I would be sleeping when I should be awake, going when I should be coming, and my entire life would be out of order because I decided to change the law of my God.

We understand this and say, “This is silly.

Who would attempt to change a 24-hour day into 12 hours?” Yet, when it comes to other aspects of the law of God such as the selection of a spouse, relating to your spouse, finances in your home, raising children, etc., we expect the law of God to change for us. Allow me to tell you God’s laws never do change and they never will.

As certain as a day is 24 hours long and it will never change, God’s laws about your home are certain and will never change. You can build your home your way and watch it self-destruct, or God’s way and watch it stand strong against any and every storm coming. Notice in Hosea 4:6, it was not the devil destroying. It was God’s people who ignored the laws of God. We must stop blaming the devil and get knowledge.

By the way, how many know and could tell me right now God’s laws about selecting a spouse, God’s laws about relating to your spouse, God’s laws about finances, and God’s laws about raising children? If you cannot then you are heading for self-destruction.

[Hosea 4:6]  MY PEOPLE ARE DESTROYED from lack of knowledge…

The Hebrew word translated destroyed is dam ah (Strong’s #1820) and means to be dumb or silent; hence to fail or perish. The verse actually says, “my people are dumb, fail, and perish from lack of knowledge. “Think about this just a minute. Would you have failed at anything in your life had you had sufficient knowledge about it? For example, the crazy “x” you had, would you have even married him or her had you had sufficient knowledge? Do you see what I mean? KNOWLEDGE IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN SUCCESS AND FAILURE.

I Refuse to be Ignorant sermon video audio notes

What do you really KNOW about building a home? I am not asking what have you experienced, or what Mom and Dad showed you. What do you KNOW as absolute fact – as certain as the sun comes up every twenty-four hours? If what you know is only what you have experienced in the past and the past has failed, then your future could be heading for failure also unless you obtain absolute KNOWLEDGE.

[Hosea 4:6]  …BECAUSE YOU HAVE IGNORED the law of your God…

The Hebrew word translated in Hosea 4:6 as ignored (NIV) and reject (KJV) is ma’ac (Strong’s #3988) and means, “to spurn.” It is not the knowledge is not available. The knowledge is “SPURNED.” God’s people ignore knowledge and what does my ignoring available knowledge do for me? Ignoring available information makes me ignore-ant. It is not I do not have the ability to learn, or that the information is not available. It is I have chosen to be ignorant – to spurn God’s absolute laws. The apostle Paul gave some serious instructions to the church and then said,

[1 Corinthians 14:38]  If he ignores this, he himself will be ignored.  (NIV)

[1 Corinthians 14:38]  But if any man be ignorant, let him be ignorant. (KJV)

My point is Hosea 4:6 tells us we experience destruction and failure in our homes, and in any area of life because we IGNORE (spurn) God’s laws on how life works. Allow me to say this in a different way. YOUR HOME CANNOT FAIL IF YOU DO IT ACCORDING TO GOD’S WAYS. God’s ways are as absolute as a 24-hour day.

I Refuse to be Ignorant sermon video audio notes

I must make one more point from Hosea 4:6.

[Hosea 4:6]  …because YOU have ignored the law of your God, I also will ignore YOUR CHILDREN

Notice what you do as parents will absolutely affect your children. I know the verse sounds harsh, but allow me to try to show you how this actually works. The verse speaks about parents and their children. At least two generations are involved – you and your children.

It is most likely the way our parents thought, approached life, and established their homes is, to a great extent, the way we think, approach life, and have (or will) established our homes. It is highly likely the basic approach to life my wife and I have has been entrenched into our children. For example, the way my son has observed me treating my wife is most likely how he will treat his wife. How my son has observed me raising my children is most likely how he will raise his children. The way my children have observed their parents building a home is most likely the way they will build their homes. In fact, I am watching this fact take place before my eyes with my children.

So, if I have ignored (spurned) the correct ways – God’s absolutes – to establish my home, it is highly likely my children will be ignorant and may never know the correct way to establish their homes.

If I am ignorant and I teach my children all I know then what have I taught my children? I have only taught them to be ignorant also. Is information available from God’s word about how to build a home? Absolutely! Yet, if I ignore (spurn) information and teach my children all I know, then, if I have taught them anything, I have taught them to ignore (spurn) God’s ways also.

I Refuse to be Ignorant sermon video audio notes

Let’s say I attempt to run my home by yelling, anger, and intimidation. What have I taught my children? How, most likely, will my son attempt to run his home? Will I have presented a proper husband and father to my daughter? What type of husband will she, most likely, have? Because I ignored God’s laws, my children suffer. Then, what will my children teach my grandchildren about building a home? The results are I have raised children who are ignorant (spurn God’s laws).

I was once an intimidating dad and husband. However, I changed things. I am no longer ignorant because I know God’s laws and apply them. Also, I am going to show you what God’s laws are concerning your home in our series.

One more example and then we will close.

If I ignore (spurn) God’s laws about finances, what have I taught my children? If I constantly overextend myself financially and never tithe to the kingdom of God shutting up God’s blessings, what will most likely happen to my children? Not only will I live my entire life in financial bondage, but also I have taught my children and grandchildren to do the same. I was once this dad also. It was not until I applied God’s laws my finances aligned with the blessings promised in God’s word.

I asked you earlier, “Why do families fail.” The answer I have attempted to project to you is people have elected to spurn and ignore God’s absolute laws. People suffer a hell instead of a home – failed homes, unhappiness, debt, unruly and rebellious children, etc. Plus, they have taught those things to their children. Sadly, as sure as the sun will come up every 24 hours, they will experience destruction and failure. It does not have to be this way. It can be as sure as the sun comes up every 24 hours they will experience a home of joy that can stand any storm.

Will you let me try to help you? Will you come these next weeks hungry to apply God’s laws?

I Refuse to be Ignorant sermon video audio notes

I Refuse to be Ignorant

I Refuse to be Ignorant sermon video audio notes

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