Building A Home Or A Hell 2 sermon series

Building A Home Or A Hell 2 sermon series. This is a sermon series about building a family and a home. I remember the day at the church altar in Midway Methodist Church. I stood with my beautiful bride. She was seventeen and I was nineteen. After repeating all the vows, we each said, “I do.” The preacher presented to the people Mr. and Mrs. Delbert Young. Away we went into a life of “living happily ever after.” Sure we did. A year later, we had a baby. There was not enough money to pay our bills. We fussed a lot. We were beginning not to like each other and it was downhill from there for many years to come. Obviously, we were heading for destruction, but something changed…


Building A Home Or A Hell 2 sermon series

Building A Home Or A Hell 2 Sermon Series

by Delbert Young

I Refuse to be Ignorant sermon video audio notes

Ignoring available information makes me ignorant (ignore-ant). It is not I do not have the ability to learn, or that the information is not available. It is I have chosen to be ignorant – to spurn God’s absolute laws. So, if I have ignored (spurned) the correct ways to establish my home, it is highly likely my children will be ignorant. If I am ignorant and I teach my children all I know what have I taught my children? I have taught them to be ignorant too. Is information available from God’s word about how to build a home? Absolutely, but I am ignorant.

With Her Own Hands sermon audio notes

I am fully aware of the Biblical position of the husband in the home, but wife, you also have responsibility. In this verse, it is not the husband tearing down the home. It is not the children doing it. Also, it is not the finances destroying it. Moreover, it is not another woman doing it. For sure, it is not the devil destroying it. This foolish woman is destroying her own home with her own hands.

This Is How A Man Is Happy sermon video audio

How happy should a man be? Dad, how happy should you be? Do you deserve happiness or just want happiness? We earn long-term extreme happiness. It does not just happen. Dad, the Bible says if your home is not extremely happy and a place of happiness, then something is wrong. There is some knowledge lacking or perhaps rejected.

Challenge for Children sermon notes

So, Dad, do you attempt to give orders to instruct, or do you instruct by giving quality time? I have noticed most unruly children have spent little quality time with their fathers or stepfathers. It carries over into their spiritual life as well. To them, Father God will not be fun to be around. He will only be a Father of orders and commands. The primary challenge for a child is to OBEY YOUR FATHER AND MOTHER.

Building A Home Or A Hell 2 sermon series

Building A Home Or A Hell 2

Building A Home Or A Hell 2 sermon series

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