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Temperament DNA Of The Soul audio. Welcome to our By studying personality, I found our temperament is at the base of our beings. As a result, I developed this temperament study over years of testing and trials. It’s helped me accomplish a change in myself. Other than my faith and studying the Scriptures, nothing benefited me more. I am confident it can do the same for you.

Temperament – DNA Of The Soul


What is temperament? Why would I want to do a temperament study? Isn’t temperament the same as personality and character? What’s the difference? Aren’t they all the same thing? No, they are not the same.

First, let me explain it this way. The personality, character, and integrity of a person is the summation of their temperament. A person’s temperament is the summation of four temperament traits. These four temperament traits are the summation of hundreds of peculiarities both good and bad, or, we could say, strengths and weaknesses we all have. Our temperaments include four individual parts or traits causing us to be the peculiar person each of us is today. Your temperament makes you, you.

What do I mean by temperament peculiarities?

Temperament peculiarities are the hundreds of those peculiar, sometimes weird, sometimes abnormal, bits and pieces causing you to be the person you are in your mental makeup, your emotional makeup, and your spiritual makeup. As a result, all these peculiarities put together form your total temperament. With further investigation, we find everyone’s temperament has four areas or traits. One of these four areas or traits dominates and directs your life causing you to act and respond to life, people, God, and everything the way you do almost all the time.

The three remaining traits of your temperament follow your dominant trait in order. This is the reason we respond to situations the same way almost all the time, but if our primary way doesn’t work, we’ll respond with our secondary response. If those don’t work, we’ll try our third response. All four temperament traits influence your actions, but in a lesser way than your dominate temperament trait.

Temperament DNA Of The Soul audio

Temperament DNA Of The Soul audio

Temperament DNA Of The Soul audio

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