Temperament Study Audio

Temperament Study. Of all the sermons I’ve taught and preached, this series was the greatest impact and was the most memorable of all. Also, I wrote a book from this study. It’s in Kindle and Paperback. Find it on Amazon (Fearfully and Wonderfully Made by Delbert Young)

Temperament Study Audio

Temperament Study Audio

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Temperament – DNA Of The Soul – audio 

Welcome to our By studying personality, I found we locate our temperament at the base of our beings. As a result, I developed this temperament study over years of testing and trials. This study helps me accomplish a change in myself. Also, other than my faith and studying the Scriptures, nothing benefited me more. I am confident it can do the same for you.

Generational Curses

Why do people become their parents? Men became the person they said they will never be – their father, or women became the woman they said they would never be – their mother. Further, is there a outside demonic force causing this? No. The Lord made our soul/temperament DNA with peculiarities. A twisting and defilement happened to our peculiarities.

Temperament – Four Faces Of Man – audio 

Does the Bible say anything about temperaments? What is the Biblical and scriptural basis for this study? The Bible doesn’t use the word “temperament,” however it talk much about souls which is what temperament is about. In addition, our temperament make up our souls and the soul is the eternal part of our being Jesus said,

Eagle Temperament – audio 

The eagle temperament is called the rich temperament. Also, it is the temperament blessed with abilities and giftings. These are the very brainy people. In fact, the world’s geniuses have been and are of this temperament.

Temperament – Ox Temperament – audio 

The ox temperament trait (the “S” in the DISC acronym or Phlegmatic in Hippocrates’ study) is quickly and easily outwardly recognized by their pleasant and low‑key temperament. Likewise, they are extremely easy and pleasant to be around.

Lion Temperament – audio 

Jesus is the Lion of the tribe of Judah, which is the Root of David. He prevails. Jesus is strong and fearless, so we readily see Jesus in the scriptures utilizing His lion temperament.

Temperament Study

Temperament Study

Temperament Study

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